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❶The recent proliferation of online Universities offering PhD degrees such as NCU, Capella, UoP, etc has led to the situation of students often being ill-prepared to complete the dissertation process without seeking outside assistance from a dissertation consultant who is familiar with the specific processes followed at these schools.

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My advisor says to use APA format; my university supplied a Dissertations Guideline Manual to follow; and one of my committee members told me to "Get Turabian". Liz, formatting issues are one of the major pains of dissertation writing. The APA Format is currently the most commonly used format for scholarly writing. The good news is that if you can master it, it is relatively simple, and the citations are shorter therefore less keyboard input than many other formats MLA, for example.

If there is a conflict between the APA guidelines and those in your university manual, ask your advisor which to use. You may find that the university has simply adapted APA and added some refinements.

This "Turabian" question comes up again and again. Kate Turabian wrote an excellent guide to scholarly writing, and her book has come to be known informally as "Turabian". It is my position that you should stick to the official APA Format guidelines for your dissertation. Our services also extend to other submissions required for the completion of a degree, such as Capstone research projects.

Capstone projects often require the candidate to demonstrate concrete knowledge and the ability to apply research methods to a real-world problem. These research projects can be used in lieu of a dissertation or thesis across a variety of degree areas such as Business, Nursing, and Education, among others.

Unlike most editors, we go beyond simple format and grammar; all standard edits include full sentence structure, transition, referencing, front matter, and table of contents, and guarantee the approval of the document.

To get a better sense of how we can assist you with one of these key topic areas, please click on your topic below for a more detailed discussion: Psychology Psychology, and psychometrics in particular, is one of our most common and most widely utilized areas of expertise. An investigation into personal and inter-personal risk factors for victimization. Covariance between therapeutic factors and the Trans-Theoretic Model of psychotherapy as applied to college students. The psychology of cybersex addiction and treatment.

The effectiveness of school psychologists and therapists in diagnosing ADHD, eating disorders, and bullying-related trauma. Clinical psychologists use of Grounded Theory to develop a model for substance abuse recovery for college students.

Beyond simulation based testing, we have also conducted research in the following areas: How play therapy impacts anxiety and pain management among hospitalized children with chronic illnesses.

The effectiveness of various obesity related education and fitness programs among high school students diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic. An examination on the effect of relaxation therapy among patients who regularly visit hospital emergency rooms. The effectiveness of planned teaching programs on knowledge regarding the growth and development among mothers of toddlers.

The relationship between the ubiquity of technology and school attendance and GPA. The relationship between texting frequency and writing performance. How NCLB has affected preparation for secondary education and beyond. The effectiveness of bullying prevention programs. Phenomenological investigations into the lived experiences of survivors of school shootings. Grounded Theory studies into developing a model for recovery post school-tragedies. The implementation of Six Sigma in Saudi Arabia.

The relationship operational effectiveness and Leadership Styles. The relationship between Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence. A mixed methods investigation into the most effective practices for efficient distribution and allocation of resources. This is considered as the most important section, as it significantly highlights some of the existing knowledge about the subject or topic as well as relation between them.

He should also depict or show that the current research study will add into the existing body of knowledge and his work is also grounded in the existing outlook. Taking about the proposal, the literature review should be of around to words only.

It can also vary on the basis of subject, topic and course being undertaken. It is essential to remember that review section should be referenced as per the system being preferred by the University i. The content of the draft chapter vary depending upon the subject area, topic, course, and place of study.

However, the main purpose of the draft chapter remains the same i. It is not at all necessary that the researcher has to follow the draft structure being submitted by him; rather it can be just treated as a guide at the time of writing the dissertation and will remind him about the actual word counts required in a particular section.

The generalized draft of the chapter structure is being discussed below:. It becomes imperative for the researcher to encompass the details related to how the time will be spent, if it is assumed that the researcher will take 10 to 2 months in order to write the dissertation. Again, it is not necessary that the researcher follows the time table being written in the proposal document.

There can be some items which will take less time and others might become too longer. But, seeking help from the draft time table the lecturer will be able to comment that whether the suggestions are realistic or not.

It is quite important to remember that the initial bibliography is not included in the word count. Researcher should make effort to encompass at least 20 journal articles as well as books in the draft bibliography. He or she should not include more than 3 to 4 online sources i. The proposed bibliography must also offer some suggestion related to the key texts that the researcher will be going to use. Are you struggling with writing the dissertation proposal?

Our company offers legitimate service, which is being designed to render supportive hands to the struggling students who are just like you. Place an Order Get a Quote. Dissertation Proposal Prior starting the dissertation, it is imperative to first write down the research proposal.

The Proposed Dissertation Title The researcher need not to be worried; if the title is somewhat vague or it alters while writing the actual piece of work. Introduction and Background It is very much significant for the researcher to make their department understand that why the work is vital and why he or she has chosen that particular subject area.

Research Methodology and Ethical Considerations There are many dissertations, which does not include this section such as law dissertations. Literature Review This is considered as the most important section, as it significantly highlights some of the existing knowledge about the subject or topic as well as relation between them.

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Write my essay 4 me review. Terrell: Everyone needs help from time to time, and overworked proposal and dissertation help review students most of all. Steven R.

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Our dissertation assistance service is created to help students complete any task for the university. Thesis is one of the most significant assignments at the higher educational institutions. You need to cover a lot of ground trying to make your paper well-researched and thought-out. Dissertation Help; Dissertation Proposal; Dissertation Proposal. Prior starting the dissertation, it is imperative to first write down the research proposal. This is required irrespective of the level and different subjects the researchers are studying. Taking about the proposal, the literature review should be of around to words.

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Our proven process provides you with the best dissertation writing services and help needed to finish a dissertation, from conducting a thorough review of literature to specific topic selection and proposal preparation, to writing help and assistance. Dissertation Help Comprehensive Consulting for PhD Candidates Precision Consulting is widely considered to be the premier consulting firm for PhD candidates seeking dissertation help.