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❶Frequently more fact-finding about the situation is required.

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Figure Carr and Kemmis’s Action Research Model () The diagram shows the four steps in action; the movement from one critical phase to another, and the way in which progress may be made through the system.5/5(11).

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Action Research Spiral. Kemmis and McTaggart () do acknowledge that individual stages specified in Action Research Spiral model may overlap, and initial plan developed for the research may become obselete in short duration of time due to a range of factors.

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With Roslin Brennan Kemmis, I presented a keynote address, “Making and writing the history of the future together: Exploratory action in participatory action research” at the Congreso Internacional de Educación (Congreso V Nacional y III Internacional), Córdoba, Argentine Republic, October 9 – 11, The Concept of Action Research - Kemmis and McTaggart. Uploaded by Letchumi Thevi An action research model As indicated above. above all. to some it may seem tautological. the second (Appendix) to inform public discussion at a world congress.. participants but also to other persons interested in and concerned about the work and the.

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Kemmis and McTaggart ( 66) suggest that such plans can encompass The research team adopted a 5-step action research cycle consisting of action planning, action taking, evaluating, specifying learning and diagnosing. In addition, the researchers developed a process model drawing on the theory of punctuated equilibrium to help. The Mission of the Scholar in Action Research Robin McTaggart The role of the scholar in action research contrasts sharply with the roles of scholars in all other forms of research. There are some commonalities of course, but the crucial (Kemmis and McTaggart, a, b, ).