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❶I still have the same problem. I have been waiting almost a month now.

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HP customer service is worse than poor. I purchased a HP convertible lap top in September it crashed Jan They stated it was water damaged. I had never brought water near it. We are now Dell and Apple users. I am still paying the bill and they were super mean about the whole situation. Who would I contact for a duplicate copy of my dividend checks? Needed for filing taxes!!

See your browser's documentation for specific instructions. How does HP install software and gather data? Already have an HP account? Select from the products you own. To contact support, select from your products. Get help for your product Contact options such as phone, chat and forums are available depending on your product type. Sign in and select a saved product. Or, select your product type below. Let's identify your product to get started. Need help finding a serial number?

Locate your product's information label. Find your serial number by locating the product label. The site has been retooled to provide a more unified presentation, with large blue tabs for Software and Drivers, Troubleshooting, How-tos, Product Info and User Guides.

I was especially impressed by the Bulletins and Notices tab, which has the latest security news. It was here that I found an article about the Spectre vulnerability, the potential impact to HP devices, and what the company is doing to address the issue.

You'll also find a Windows 10 Support Center. You can either search for general answers on the site or enter your laptop's serial and product numbers for a more-targeted experience. Once you enter the pertinent information, you can check your system's warranty status, register your product or check the repair order in case it has to be sent back to the factory.

If you're a social media addict, you can get your questions answered via Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. When you ping the HP Support Facebook page or the company's Facebook Messenger, you get a prompt informing you that your inquiry should be answered in 2 hours or less, between the business hours of 8 a. HP held true to its word: The Twitter reps took slightly longer, answering the same question after an hour and 15 minutes. You can reach an HP tech-support representative on social media from 8 a.

Monday through Friday and from 10 a. ET on Saturday and Sunday. HP's Support Assistant chat app stays on the taskbar for quick access and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After entering the required information name and email address , a small chat window opened and, after a few seconds, I was connected with Asmita at 4: The experience was hinky as the connection kept dropping out, which forced me to quickly type my questions..

The situation became so bad that a phone tech had to call me and help me establish another connection. Once the connection problem was fixed, I asked Asmita if she could help me with my audio-software difficulties. They would be able to help me for a nominal fee, which was a bummer, to say the least, especially since I had 8 months left on my warranty.

I contacted her at Once I confirmed that everything was working as it should, Pamela offered to send me an email with the steps to get rid of junk files on my laptop. She also tried to talk me into purchasing some accidental damage warranty coverage, which I politely declined.

From beginning to end, the whole process took 21 minutes. If you'd rather not deal with virtual assistants or tech-support agents, you can probably find your answer on HP's YouTube channel. And starting in August , the company will offer a new method of tech support in the form of a mobile app. It'll come in handy if you have have a burning tech-support inquiry and don't have a computer in front of you. If you would rather conduct your tech-support business via phone, HP has several numbers for consumers to reach a representative.

HP call centers are available from a. EST Monday through Friday, and from 9 a. Since our last Showdown, HP has made it a little easier to find which number you should call for which notebook line, and for specific problems. Simply go to the Contact Support tab on the support website, enter your serial number and you'll see options for Facebook Messenger, Chat and Phone.

Under the Phone icon, you'll see your case number and two phone numbers. The first is for problems with powering up your system, and the second is for everything else. During my first call, at 8: I asked how to get Cortana to respond when I said "Hey, Cortana. Lize was sort of correct, as Cortana was up and running. However, she failed to point me to Cortana's settings where I could have enabled the functionality myself. Convinced she had answered my question correctly, we said goodbye at 8: The call lasted 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

For my next call, at I was hoping Mike would tell me to make sure that my antivirus software was up-to-date, before instructing me to update my operating system via Windows Update.

Instead, Mike walked me through the steps to make sure my McAfee LiveSafe antivirus software was current, insisting that was all I needed to keep my system safe. Sensing the hesitation in my voice, he offered to escalate my question to SmartFriend, for a nominal fee. When I declined, Mike seemed satisfied that he had answered my question, and wished me a good day, ending the call after a discussion that lasted 6 minutes and 42 seconds. That brought the total call time to 21 minutes and 10 seconds.

For my final call, at I explained to him that I was looking for the control panel to change my audio settings from music profile to movies. Confused, he asked if there was something wrong with the sound that prevented it from playing. I explained that the sound was fine, but I was looking to tweak the settings so I could get optimal audio quality when I was watching movies. He responded no, and realizing I had hit a brick wall, I thanked him for his time and we ended the call after 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

The Envy 13 comes with a one-year limited hardware warranty, day phone support from date of purchase and complementary chat support for the length of the warranty.

That's similar to most of HP's other consumer laptops. However, warranty length can differ depending on the notebook line. In an instance where you have to send your laptop to HP for repairs, the company will pay for shipping for most systems, but consumers that own entry-level notebooks might have to pay a small fee. The plan also includes LoJack theft protection, replacement parts and materials as well as access to remote diagnosis, telephone and chat support.

You'll have to check with HP. The company does allow for some upgrades depending on the notebook line as long as you use company-approved parts. If you don't meet those requirements, you could void your warranty.

HP has a large arsenal at its disposal to assist consumers with any problems that might arise during the life of their computer. With the exception of one incorrect answer from the chat assistant, the web and social portions of HP's tech-support strategy delivered reliable answers in a reasonable amount of time. And while we appreciate HP making its tech-support phone line easier to find, we were disappointed at how often the agents, while patient and polite, delivered incorrect answers.

We were also taken aback by how many times they referred us to the company's SmartFriend subscription service for simple questions we were able to answer using the company's website. I purchased a HP designjet T 36" plotter.

I contacted them on 6 Sept with a print head cartridge problem. After swapping out 2 print head cartridge kits genuine HP they committed to have a technician come out under warranty within 48 business hours as required under their extended warranty contract before the close of business on Monday 10 Sept Seems as though they cant get a technician out before Wednesday 12 Sept Not the 48 business hours that they promised in writing but 96 business hours. And this is an on site within two business days agreement.

This is client work that has a liquidated damage clause as this doesn't constitute force majeure an act of god. The technicians reply is I'm over booked. No call from HP to let me know that they wont be out when their extended warranty promises. No call from the third party technician that they are overbooked.

This isn't hobby work but it professional engineering work that has a late penalty clause. The dolt from corporate promised to call me before the day was over and guess what? The question isn't does HP lie and commit fraud but when do they not lie and commit fraud. If HP cant support professionals that are doing work for a living and are licensed PE and their actions convey they don't give a rats rear you really think that a machine used for personal use when it breaks down will get any level of support?

Sadly in the past their support was the best in the business before they sold the instrument business and went into the PC business. Their word was platinum. Today puppy poop has more value than their word. I have discovered the keyboard had problems a week after the purchase, the space bar key did not work as you touch, this problem was on and off.

I spent hours with HP technician. He concluded the keyboard was not working properly. HP is now asking me to send the entire computer back to them for repair. I repeatedly telling them that all I need is a new keyboard. All HP has to do is send me a new keyboard and I return the keyboard that doesn't work.

They just don't hear you! So, I call HP again to make them see what I need. HP is now asking me to do another hardware test online. I told them forget it. This will be my last HP purchase.

Please do not purchase HP products! Please do not recommend HP products to anyone. Today is 27th June, and till date only promises have been made that the part in the Laptop will be changed. Nothing has been done so far. Do not let others suffer, the way I am suffering. Update to my comment below: After holding for 1 hr and 15 minutes, the automated voice said they were unable to take my call and to call back at a later time.

Horrible customer service at HP. I purchased a new laptop, and ordered the Office 12 month subscription. Obviously, this is not something their web trouble shooter can help with. I am currently at 3 hrs and 20 minutes holding and my fourth call.

The first rep hung up on me. The second told me I needed to call a different number, when I called that number, it went dead after about 25 minutes. As I type this, I'm at 58 minutes holding for a rep on the fourth call. This is simply unacceptable! At the very least, they could offer what a number of companies now do: I don't know how I'll like my new laptop, but I'm already regretting buying it from HP. HP laptop is horrible.

Bought it in April Down the road replacement item one after another and the latest being replacement of battery for the 3rd time within 3 weeks. The support always lie and refuse to replace instead keep on replacing the poor quality product. Never ever trust HP. Would not recoomend anyone even my enemy to buy as they dont deserve it. Bad product and service poor. After each Windows update, when using the Desktop, it goes into sleep mode and will not re-boot.

We have to manually turn the computer off and on again, to re-boot. The Service from CJ was excellent and the problem was fixed over the phone. This has happened on a couple of occasions and each time we have had the issue resolved quickly and efficiently.

CJ was patient and polite and will phone us in the coming days to check if all is OK. Can't speak highly enough of the help we have received from HP Support. Great Service and very much appreciated. HP smart friends is a rip-off. They will lie about their capabilities to get you to purchase. Then when they fail to fix your problem they refuse to refund your money saying you used their services.

Although the warranty is 1 yr, "Tech assistance" is not included. Called their support as it has been logging off on its own. Tech said the min. Of course it is going to take more than an hour to do tests. The technician who sounded Philippino but spoke excellent english was very professional and utterly patient.

We spent 45 minutes on the phone before he managed to fix the issue via remote control despite my computer system and router links being in French! I have saved the tech support number into my contacts list and will not hesitate to call again, should I ever encounter similar issues with my HP products. I have had to deal with HP on many different occasions. It alway the same thing transferred, transferred, transferred, transferred, and then lose the call.

Sometimes they would call back most of the time you would have to go through the same process. All the time I was tryn to return a office jet pro the was under warranty and would not work. I had and am having the exact opposite experience that this article references.

I almost have to wonder how much the author got paid to write this. As part of a large IT organization, I have had to deal with HP on numerous occasions as we are standardized on them. Here's my latest issue: According to the product specifications page on HP's website, this is the correct soundbar for the monitor.

However, the directions state that either you use the clips in the back of the monitor or you use a couple screws to attach it to the back. These are the only two options they list. However, if you look at the back of the HP Z24 NF monitor, you'll see that it's entirely black plastic.

There are no screw holes or clips on the back. So either the HP site is wrong or the people that ordered this got the wrong part.

So our adventure begins at around Tried to use the Chat service but that component was down. So then I try phone support. Called the number, and they said I had the wrong department and transferred me. Then, after being transferred, I'm told, once again, that I got the wrong department and they transferred me again. Now, during the transfer my call ended. I also noticed that, at least, a case was created for my issue.

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