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Lowering the Drinking Age

Should America lower the drinking age?

❶The information provided by the author does not exactly help the point that she is trying to get across to her audience.

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We all have our reasons for believing which side of the line is best, and this essay includes mine. I know that some of you may believe that twenty-one is a suitable and responsible age. Some of you may even go so far as to say that it should be set higher than that. While I understand that some members in my age group have shown their ludicrous ways, the majority of us are going to college trying to make something of ourselves.

In , the United States government ruled that the states would either change their minimum legal drinking age to twenty-one, or the highway departments would suffer cuts in budgets. Since then, many people have argued for or against this act, but the battle still continues. Even professors are adamantly involved in trying to get the age lowered. In the United States, one is considered an adult at the age of eighteen. If one is considered responsible enough to fight for the U.

Jeff Rainforth, a man running for U. Congress, stated that if the minimum legal drinking age was not changed, he was going to propose that those turning eighteen joining the armed forces could still join, but they would not be allowed to fight in combat until reaching twenty-one. He claims that it is easier sometimes for a person to obtain drugs than it is for them to purchase a single can of beer Rainforth 1. So you see, there are far worse things to consume than alcohol.

Would you rather your kids be out drinking—not much, just a sip or two—or would you rather them be out smoking marijuana or much more dangerous drugs?

It cannot be both ways Rainforth 1. The Califonia State Supreme Court recently gave prosecutors the authority to charge minors as young as 14 as adults for crimes committed Rainforth 2. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow hayleyk. I like this 0. Tylenol, Excedrin, and Midol. Dear Drugs and Alcohol 2. Standing up for Nate B. This article has 3 comments. Email me when someone replies.

This is a very convincing case and essay. I'm doing an essay myself on lowering the drinking age back to 18 and some of your points will help me wonderfully with my work. Its also crazy how much kids under 21 drink just because it makes them feel cooler because their breaking the law so if the law is 18 year olds can drink alot of kids wont be tempted to drink as much since their not really breaking the law.

Again this is a very good case and essay and it will help me on my own essay for school. Keep it up with the points and great essays: It's an interesting notion that kids might actually drink less since it'd be less thrilling to drink legally. Choose what to email Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? Send your email To. Add a personal note. She states that this happens because all of the drinking that transpires goes on behind closed doors without proper supervision.

If the age becomes 18 or 19, then this would eliminate a lot of those problems. However, this may not always be the case. Further examination of this essay proves to show that Engs tends to be confused on her points. She starts off stating that she is for it, but towards the end of the essay she brings in facts that dissuade the reader as to why the drinking age should be lowered. This shows that Engs tends to be going hither and thither on her arguments.

On the other hand, she presents a fair picture of both sides of the argument regarding lowering the drinking age. The main audience that this article reaches is the legislation of the states to push for the passing of a lower drinking age. The information provided by the author does not exactly help the point that she is trying to get across to her audience.

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Lowering Drinking Age to 18 Essay - There has always been controversy as to whether the drinking age should be lower from 21 to a younger age, like

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In seven pages this paper discusses state policies regarding the drinking age and examines the state advantages to lowering to eig Argument in Favor of Lowering the Legal Drinking Age to Eighteen such.

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In a meta-study of the legal drinking age and health and social problems, 72% of the studies found no statistics that related to an increase in suicide and criminal activities by adolescents if the drinking age were to be lowered to eighteen. In the essay, Engs believes that the drinking age should be lowered to 18 or She makes the argument that most college students consume alcohol while they are under the age of 21 because they see it as an appealing way to rebel against authority.

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Lowering The Drinking Age The era of prohibition lasted for few days and was proofed unsuccessful mechanism to control the social practices of Americans. However, the alcohol drinking age has remained the subject matter in policymaker’s decisions and endeavors. [tags: Lowering the Legal Drinking Age] Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Legal Drinking Age in the United Kingdom - The United Kingdom is known for its high number of alcoholics. It only makes sense that if the adults are drinking, then the teenagers are drinking too. The country has been allowing the young kids to drink since.