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What Are the Advantages of Using a PaychekPLUS! Plus Debit Card?

❶Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.

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I went inside to tell them and they said I could buy another one but they cant give me another one. I said you have got to be kidding, and he said it again, I asked for the manager he said he was the manager, I said I want the other one in the room talking on the phone.

He said he cant talk to me now. All of a sudden they man helping me pulled out his wallet and said he would pay for the balloon. I said thank-you and said you need to get your money back from the company. OK, I go home and keep windows up so the balloon keeps in the car. I get home open the door and it happened again. The balloon had come off of the string again. Some one needs to talk to the stores about this matter cause its just not right what happened to me.

As I shopped I had to listen to a guy sing. Couldn't carry a note I could not wait to get out of the store. All of the other workers work not singing but freindly not the singer. Ya'll need to get him to follow the rest of the workers at your Almeda Store. There were two registers operating and about twenty people in each line. What kind of customer service is that? Last evening I bought 11 items at store When I got home one of the items was not in either of my bags. I searched the casr to make sure it had not fallen out.

It was too late when I got home to go back to the store. I went first thing this morning. When I spoke to the manager she would not refund my money or give me a credit, or relace the item because she said that it was not still at the cashiers booth. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. This was the fault of the store because they did not check to see if they had put all my items in the bags and there were only two bags.

I think they but the item in the bag for the next customer, or maybe reshelved it. My intention is to not shop there and to turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. They give piss poor service most of the time and have not regard for how many people are standing in line to pay. I am not seeing anything different on this card as with any other debit or direct deposit cards. No one has to get them unless through employment.

That however can be rectified by creating an automatic transfer to your own bank account every time a deposit is made. People need to get use to this because it is becoming more and more the way money is being obtained, paid or used. I might suggest also educating ones self on just how these cards work and what you can do to avoid those things you prefer not to engage in.

All I can say is, the debit types of cards are taking over the way we bank today and get paid. Amazes me the comments that people make as though this is "new" and different.

I personally find it to be a great way to get my money and spend it as well. Ease of access and records are good and important to have. This system leaves a good dual form of "paper trails" Again, get more educasted and check them out then decide which benefits your personal situation s. Just got this card from my employer about a week ago Buffalo Wild Wings.

I never recalled signing any paperwork allowing the company to give me this card. A couple weeks into my employment I was handed the envelope by a coworker with no pretext as to what was inside.

Finding the card inside I set it up to see if it had my earnings on it, and it did. I was expecting a paper check to arrive, but instead they load my hard earned money into a debit card without my consent.

Today I tried to go to their website and transfer the money from the card to another card with a different bank but I was met with a "you must enter a valid 16 digit card number" error.

I then go to try another option of having the money just transfer to my bank account and I get another error: I tell him my problem and he informs me that my Paycheckplus Elite card is not allowed to do a card to card transfer, but I can do a card to bank account transfer. I tell him that I have had been unable to do that as well, and he just flat out says, "That means you're doing it wrong. Thank you for your post as I now have the confidence to approach my employer tomorrow about the issue. Hopefully things work out!

I have had this card for nearly 2 years now. Many atms charge a 1 or 2 dollar fee. I fucking hate they dont give a fuck and wont pay you on regular paydays just because its a festive day wtf if they cant fucking do it that day they should pay the car holders a day before they dont fucking realize people got things to pay. It doesnt let me pay for things online. I have to go to the physical store to get stuff, which is a pain, because i live in the middle of nowhere. This card is pure shit. I have this card as a State of Mo employee and have had nothing but problems with it.

Signed up for text alerts and kept getting random charges on the card. So a new card comes and text alerts are set up. I purposely have not used this card for anything or on anything just to see if the bullshit charges would still happen.

Sure enough at am I start getting random charges through text alert. I called the customer service number and explain to the man whats going on with my card.

He tells me well sometimes if you have a child and they have give your phone number you will get their account alerts Then he says well if someone with a paychek plus card has a phone number that ends in the same last 4 digits as your you will get their account alerts too Isnt that a breach of some sort. Then he proceeds to tell me to call my phone company and see who else has my phone number associated with a card account..

And how can my phone company tell me who has a paychek plus card? I asked him that when I called and you verified who I was based off of my phone number did more than one option pop up. Well in that case sir then noone else has a card associated with this phone number now i have not used this card for anything yet these transactions keep happening. He flat out hangs up the phone.

So Im done with paychek plus and I will never use them again. I have a wells Fargo bank account and I decided to take mine and my husband's paycheck from our paychpaycheck plus cards and transfer them to our actual bank well I did this 2 weeks ago and the money posted to my account the very next day when I tried to do the same thing today I was told I would have to wait business days for the money to show up my actual bank account is not showing any pending transactions and the paycheck plus is saying 0.

I was given one of these to receive my wages while working at Olive Garden. I was given no other options for receiving my payment, just automatically signed up for this card. At first, I didn't have any problems, beyond the card sometimes not working, especially with online purchases nbd since I had my actual debit card. But then the card's expiration date came. I waited, but received no replacement card or even any notification or information about my card expiring.

By that point, I had long since stopped working at Olive Garden, so couldn't go to them for help. I tried request a new card online, but the only way I could see to get one was to PAY to order a personalized card. It was only a few bucks, so I bit the bullet and tried to order one. My order was cancelled a day or two later and I was not notified of it. I tried to transferring my funds to another card, but I think you can only transfer to another Paychek Plus card and not just any debit card.

I tried transferring directly to my bank account, but was not able to since my card was expired. There is no online customer service. The FAQ is largely useless. There are no hours listed for their phone customer service. I was very busy, going through several moves and employment changes, so I didn't bother with it for a while, thinking "well, it's my money, so it won't be going anywhere.

I haven't done the math to see how much I've been charged yet, since they make it, like everything, a huge pain in my ass. I can only see my account activity month by month so one month at a time. My account history only let's me look back two years.

I haven't contacted them yet, but I will in a few hours once it should definitely be business hours for their customer service. I'm expecting more bullshit. I have elite paychekplus card and I have just signed up for alerts and now see money is missing alot. I've had this card for years and I love it. I have bad credit and can't get a normal bank acct because I have a record in the chex system.

I have used a few other prepaid cards and they are AWFUL, they nickel and dime you to death, fees, fees, fees. I got the Paychex Plus Elite card from a part time job I had years ago, and kept it ever since. I've left it empty for months at a time, then load it and pick right up where I left off, no hassles, no fees.

For someone who can't get a regular bank account this card is awesome compared to the other prepaid options out there. How do you get a new card after it expires? I got one from a part time job I worked at for a month but loved the card. Paycheck Plus Card Activation. After getting a summer job at a local restaurant chain, I was given a paychek plus visa card for my paychecks as I didn't have information on me for a direct deposit. I thought it was cool at first but soon realized I was being had.

How Do You Sign up for Direct Deposit to Your Achieve Prepaid Debit Card?

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Paychekplus elite visa payroll card customer service phone number to check balance When i try to pay with my visa check card online it says invalid number? I have my payroll direct deposited on a turbotax visa card through bancorp. what time will the money show up on my card? Start enjoying all the advantages the PaychekPLUS! Save in your favorites By Phone — (toll-free) Customer Service number, also listed on the back of your card, and using the automated system for quick access or speaking with a Customer Service Representative.