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Essay on the Importance of Time

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Long and Short Essay on Value of Time in English
Meaning of time
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Therefore management of time is really important to become a successful person in life. We should always be on time. If we have some appointments we should always be on time and should not waste the time of another person. Our future is unseen we all know that.

Therefore we should work hard and perform all our tasks on time in order to make our future bright because economic and financial situations of the country are fast changing and therefore we should work hard and complete all are assigned tasks on time in order to avoid chaos. Time helps to also forgive the person for his mistakes and hence said to be the best medicine. People also give excuses like they do not have time for doing their works. Everyone in the world has 24 hours a day.

It depends upon them that how they manage their golden 24 hours and how they set their priorities. If we manage our time in a proper and useful way no one can stop us from being a successful person in the life. By reading the above article, we can easily understand how important time is for all of us. Therefore we should manage our time in a proper way and achieve our goals in life and become a successful person. I am a currently a business student and creative personality who can perform any task in any area of life.

I have interest in painting, singing and writing. You writes awesome your speech is mind blowing. Please reply me and follow me on instagram fro shaikh Thank you for giving me time management information and you write awesome your speech is mind blowing. I really inspired from the above information. I am also a commerce student, I have my English exam tomorrow and I was surfing the net for some good essays and articles for the writing section.

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Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Importance of Time- Essay, Speech, Article. About The Author Shruti Bhalla I am a currently a business student and creative personality who can perform any task in any area of life.

Table of Contents Importance of Moral Education: Table of Contents Work is Worship: Will write like this always. Hope you will love my writings next time too. This means that if you were to get fired from your present job you may not be able to pay bills. This can cause the mission for the day to be slowed down dramatically.

When the mission is slowed down this can cause your leaders to fail at meeting deadlines that may be needed to be met at a specific time in order to meet other deadlines on missions that may be more important than wondering why you are late…. Due to the fact, accountability is one of the fundamentals of the military.

It not only brings personal responsibility but it also shows the organization of a unit. The US Army depends solely on its soldiers, enlisted, warrant officers and commissioned officers alike.

The military would not be anything without the soldiers. When soldiers are not there to perform there duties or they are late, that brings down the efficiency of the unit. Accountability is a great trait to have but it only comes with punctuality. Punctuality shows you are responsible, honest and can follow directions. Though some of us are occasionally late due to circumstances beyond our control, habitual tardiness shows a lack of respect for other individuals and their time.

If someone is late usually that shows that they more then almost certainly do not care about what their NCO tells them. Time is often a precious gem that should not be wasted at any cost. Should you do not use your time wisely; you are able to in no way get it back. It is a quite specific resource in that you just cannot store it or save it for later.

You need to be punctual in everything you do. Punctuality goes hand in hand with military discipline. Recruits are taught to obey, promptly and with out question, orders from their superiors, appropriate from the day one of boot camp.

Military discipline and effectiveness is made over a foundation of obedience to orders. That is why we are supposed work so well being a team. With that being said, being late is becoming a more and more common trend among people of all walks of life, especially in the United States Army. This is completely unacceptable and it violates the Army Values, costs the military more money, and reflects very poorly on the soldier and his first line supervisor.

There are many methods available to prevent being late as well as proper steps to take once you know you are going to be late and there is nothing else you can do about it. When you are late to anything, whether it is a formation or appointment, it goes against nearly all of these values that are instilled in all soldiers. All soldiers are supposed to display the ability to be an effective leader at all times. This is impossible if you are late.

For example, if you are a Specialist promotable and late to a few formations that is noticed by the privates around you. Once you make Sergeant they are going to remember those times you were late and question your ability as a leader. It is your duty to follow the orders of those appointed above you as long as they are lawful and moral. When you are told to be at a certain location at a certain time then you are expected to be there. Respect is the key to a functioning Army all the way around.

Not arriving to a formation at the appointed time is pure disrespect toward your leaders, and if no respect is shown toward your leader, then it will never be returned to the subordinate.

When you chose to be late it shows that you are more worried about yourself than your unit or your career. Yes it is understandable that there are going to be those days where the situation was out of your hands. So if any one is planning on making the Army their career for the next 20 years like I am, then start by showing up on time; in fact early so everyone can know that you are taking your job as a Army Soldier seriously.

Importance on Being on Time. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Importance on Being on Time specifically for you.


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Importance of Time – Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph Introduction [Essay on Importance of Time] Importance of Time – Time is really precious and important for all of us. Therefore we should never waste time.

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Importance of Time Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Notes. Time once gone, will never return. It does not wait for anyone, time is a free force.

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Time is said to be eternal. It is said that it has neither a beginning nor an end. Yet men are able to measure it as years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. They have also given meanings to the words – past, present and future. True, time has . Time: Meaning, Importance and Value of Time. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, A person who understands the importance of time practices punctuality in life. A punctual person, who uses his time cautiously, becomes successful in life. Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Important India. Primary Sidebar.

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Free sample essay on the Importance of Time. Time is precious. Time is precious. It is invaluable. It is one of the powerful factors. Our life is measured in terms of time. We grow in time, live in time and perish in time. Time is fleeting. It is changing. It never stops. Neither does it wait for. The importance of being on time in the military (or anywhere at all), is simply a symptom of discipline, which was instilled in new enlisted soldiers during basic training. Being on time shows reliability. We have to show discipline, responsibility, show care through following military rules and.