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I can't do my homework?


❶I would now feel like doing it, because now it was connected to what was alive for me. It's difficult to get over extreme procrastination, but if you put in an effort it can be done.

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Aug 28,  · Do your homework during lunch and on the bus home. If you still have homework when you get home, do it right away. It's easier to get it done when you are still in the "school" mindset then after you spend 2 hours watching a tv Resolved.

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Why do people on here allow kids to cheat on their homework? Best answer: Good question. Once school starts, YA is just full of lazy kids trying to .

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Apr 15,  · No, I never do homework simply because I don't want to. I don't really do my class work either. Still manage to pass Resolved. Yahoo India Answers do my homework yahoo During exams, I revise the answers I learnt by telling them to the plants while I am cleaning the garden in the Is there a site that I can pay to do my homework?

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Oct 26,  · I ussualy use my laptop to do my homework because it's very easy for me to search for things on the internet instead spending hours reading a book and understanding nothing. but while I am doing homework random thoughts come in my mind and I search them on the internet. I am really angry with myself because I can't Status: Open. go here Council on Higher Education. Can i pay someone to do my homework yahoo we're ace an expert to work and we come to take homework on. Yahoo who can do my coursework life for leaders de pree center fuller.