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Essay About Beauty: What Is Beautiful For You?

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How to outline your essay on beauty

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Pink and red lips in men and women suggests good health, as do red cheeks, white eyes and good hair—all of which are therefore attractive qualities in a potential sexual partner. How even and balanced a face is, is also a sign of good health and is therefore more attractive. If a face is the same on one side as it is the other, then people tend to be viewed as more attractive.

Most found the mirrored version to be the most attractive because both sides of the face were more even. Due to our base instincts, it is again possible to find beauty in what is there. The Eskimo people at the North Pole are possibly the most unattractive race on the planet, but because they all grow up around each other with few outside influences, they find some members of their race to be incredibly attractive and some to be less attractive. Beauty is a matter of opinion, and does not take attractiveness into account because people are often attracted to personality too.

A lot of what we consider to be beautiful is based in genetics and in our base instincts. It also has a lot to do with how well each person may raise a child to survive to adulthood, and how even a face is.

There is also an element of finding what is available to be beautiful. The ancient Greeks were among the first to come up with a definition of beauty. According to them, beauty is attributed to youthfulness.

This means that young people are considered to be naturally beautiful when compared to the older generation. Anthropologist Doug Jones carried out a study in several countries to determine the relation between youthfulness and beauty. After interviewing males from those countries, he discovered that most of them preferred to choose mates that have neotenous facial characteristics. This tendency meant that the males associated beauty with youthfulness, hence went ahead and chose those that had juvenile characteristics.

Classical Greek philosopher Plato was among other philosophers who attempted to shed some light on the definition of beauty. This student of Socrates who pitted beauty as among the triad of the highest human values regarded it as either pleasure to the eyes or an element of suitability. This means that for a body to be considered beautiful it must be useful for the purpose it was made for and it must also be pleasant to look at. There are those that relate beauty with youthfulness while others relate it to suitability for a given purpose.

Though both definitions can apply in different situations, one aspect of beauty that stands out is that it is mainly determined by the level of attraction it has to the human eye. The level of beauty perceived by the male will most likely determine the choice of a mate he makes. This shows how the definition of beauty is also determined by the person holding it.

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Essay writing skills: As the title of this essay suggests, one is supposed to define beauty not only from his perspective but also from the perspective of other individuals. It is through defining beauty that one may come across the .

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Beauty Beauty is one of the most prevalent themes in the world. But what is beauty exactly? According to the Oxford Dictionary beauty is A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

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What is beauty anyways? Is it based on how you look? Your youth? Is it your personality like most of our parents try to tell us? Is beauty the way you act around those you love? How about how you act around those you hate? How can someone tell you whether or not you’re beautiful? Beauty is used to describe so many things. Many people in this world have their own definition of what beauty is. Beauty can come from inside or the outside. We think that beauty comes from magazines or video girls or even models. In Skinny Women Are Evil by MoNique, she feels that she is beautiful because she is not one of those "skinny 3/5(6).

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Writing your essay on beauty will require you to identify what beauty is and to explain why it is so important to us. How to outline your essay on beauty. Creating an outline should be the very first step for any essay, it is the easiest way to help you to organize your research and provide you with a clear and simple way to write your essay.5/5. Beauty is the most discredited philosophical notion—so discredited that I could not even find an entry for it in the index of the many books in the philosophy of art I consulted in order to find it discredited.