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Please can anyone answer my GCSE DT questionnaire?

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Our company want to make sure clients get unique and creative papers that suit all academic requirements. Save for DT she's been predicted mosty A's but says she need to work hard to achieve this. I don't think its fair that she should get an F on her certificate that's the best she feels she'll get for DT at this stage , because the school threw out her coursework by mistake!!!

Thanks everyone for your responses - My daughter did ask if she could drop DT but the school won't allow that - they said these things happen and she should just get on with it! She's doing 10 subjects in all and is so stressed that they all may suffer. Thanks for all the responses.

I went to the school and spoke to the head of DT who said that he will look into how far she is and will get back to me with a response as to whether she can drop the subject in mid March. With exams in May and June, that means she's still stressed and until then has to do catch With exams in May and June, that means she's still stressed and until then has to do catch up work, using extra time that could be better spent on keeping her other grades up.

The school threw out the coursework when they were refurbishing and have no records of how much was done. There are other students who had their coursework lost, but are all coping pretty well - however, they have been doing DT since Yr 7.

My daughter never did DT before Yr 10 when we moved to the area. DT is compusory at this school. In addition, her DT teacher, who knew she was struggling has since left the school.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Did the school not photograph the work? Our school logs all the dt onto laptops showing all the progress along the way and thought processes etc.

Worth asking if that would suffice. Their attitude seems a little harsh given that she is stressed already about GCSE exams. Was the work marked? If so then the school can write to the exam board and say her work will not be available for external moderation but give them the grades. The examining board will look at the other students' work and if they agree with the grades then her grade should stand.

This stinks, it should not happen and there should be systems in place to stop it happening. Now an interesting bit of law. You say your daughter is stressed over this. Take some legal advice before you do this but there are various bits of legislation including the health and safety at work act that you could use.

Your daughter is stressed because the teacher did not take care of her work, therefore the teacher is responsible for the stress. Also if she is predicted A Grades and these don't happen you could sue the school. A strongly worded letter should do the trick good luck. The teachers, at the time, told them that if the work had been destroyed they would have marked whatever work they had at home or they would have been allowed to drop it had it all been destroyed.

Fortunately, nothing was burnt. I know that this is a different circumstance, but in both cases, it's the school's fault that coursework has been lost and my school were willing to take responsibility for their actions - your daughter's school should allow her to drop the subject if she truly feels that she cannot get the coursework done on time without her other subjects becoming neglected because it is their fault.

Do it as soon as possible.

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Good morning everyone. For my upcoming design and technology GCSE coursework, I have decided to create a product that enhances the experiences during physi.

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My GCSE DT Project, which gained 99/ (minor breakage occured)and contributed to my overall A* Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Mar 24,  · Product Design GCSE is 60% Controlled Assessment, and 40% ExamNorlington Boys do AQA GCSE Product Design Year 11 Product Design – Key Dates Coursework final hand-in: Thursday March 24th Exam: Monday June 27th, 9am - Exam Revision Excellent site here to help you prepare for the exam .