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After hours of digging, we came across an aged chestnut cabinet with four drawers. In the bottom left drawer was a clothbound, faded file folder. On top were stories my Omi had written when she was in 8th grade about how she and her friends had helped clean up all the broken glass the morning after kristallnacht. The most important thing we found, however, was a passport. It had belonged to my Omi when she was nine years old. She was not smiling. We had the last piece of the puzzle. After three years of waiting, and mountains of paper work, my dad, my brother, and I stood formally dressed in the top floor assembly room of the German consulate for our repatriation ceremony.

The speaker went on about the wrongs of the Nazi regime, and how the ceremony served as a humble reconciliation. While he spoke, I stared out the window. The smiling could begin. To return to the Homepage, click here. Paris provides the perfect, intense forum to spark these discussions. The whole thinking thing does get tiresome and suffocating. The beauty of Paris is that you can think and forget whenever you want. You can listen to music in Parc Monceau or you can contemplate art at one of the museums.

And contrary to popular belief Paris is not about the alcohol. Life in Paris is too exciting to need to really escape the kind of escape that is alcohol induced. When you can do anything you want, having a picnic with friends by the Seine seems more noble than throwing up in a bar. So how as all this thinking changed me? First of all, I now depend on learning on my own terms for intellectual fulfillment. When I arrived home, I went on various intellectual errands to fill the void.

More importantly though, all the thinking has made me change my self-image. Before Paris, I had a subconscious view of myself roughly based on the way that others characterize me. My self-image looked something like this: Although this self-image was fuzzy and subconscious it was still limiting.

Take sports writing for instance. I play three varsity sports and am therefore qualified to do sports writing.

I am over qualified and therefor Sports writing is not a risk. Opinion writing on the other hand, was a risk that my self-image limited me from taking. According to my self-image, I had no particular qualifications for opinion writing and therefore was not comfortable enough to do it. Now, after all the thinking and freedom of Paris, I know that I have too much dimension to have a self-image of myself.

What is the point? Ouvrir les yeux open your eyes and think a lot, you never know what you might find. I liked that word as a child because the sounds of its letters were fun to hear and pronounce.

At some point in any course, however it is taught, essay titles will appear. These can create panic if you […]. Describe the two accomplishments that occurred in the last five years of which you are most proud. What one nonprofessional activity do you find most inspirational and why?

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