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Speech on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Measures!

10 lines Short Essay, Speech, Paragraph on Pollution for Kids in English

❶There very simple things which we ignore causes pollution.


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Tips for Essay on Pollution

City and village sewers are released in rivers. All these activities are rampant in India. The government needs to set up proper infrastructure, rules, policies, and actions for waste disposal. Along with that we also need to change our bad habits. Government and citizens need to work together to solve these problems. We should support Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. As school students, we should do all that in our capacity in the success of this campaign. We can use social media to spread the word about the importance of cleanliness.

We have to make projects, apps for solutions and ideas to reduce pollution. We can participate in Clean India campaign weekend activities. We school students should take a pledge that we will not behave irresponsibly like adults.

They are do nothing for the clean environment nor they taught us anything about it. On account of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India in , in that area successive generations saw children being born with severe birth and congenital defects. Cases of TB, cancer besides massive water contamination by radioactive elements were reported by several NGOs. Thus it is much evident that the kind of destruction upon human life brought in by pollution.

According to several reports, in the USA produced almost million tonnes of solid waste. Out of which less than 40 percent was utilized by recycling. Post the nuclear leakage in Japan in , it was reported that close to one-fourth of aquatic life bordering Pacific coast was susceptible to radiation effects.

It is scientifically proven that people who live near highways have a greater chance of giving birth to autistic children as a result of high pollution around freeways.

The Ancient Greek Acropolis was more damaged in the past 40 years on a cumulative basis than any other time in history on account of rampant incidence of acid rain. Soil Erosion, landslides are getting more common in hilly terrains under the dual effect of deforestation and illegal construction of development features in and around those areas.

Such incidents contribute as a major factor for recurrent earthquakes and cause steady plate tectonic movements and massive geological intervention.

Even though the present scenario dominating pollution looks bleak yet there are several ways in which we could provide a solution to prevent the rise of pollution. Make environment-friendly choices in day to day routine. For example, the current ban in India on plastic bags in most states has given rise to biodegradable alternatives like cloth and jute bags.

Prevent further global warming by planting of saplings proportional to the trees being cut for development purposes. Rely on clean and renewable sources of fuel like solar energy , wind energy, and biogas production.

In India, many residential projects are coming up that have exclusive solar panels for energy sources. Switching to electric cars has by far the best potential to reduce air pollution on a substantial basis, given that vehicle pollution is currently the most common cause of environmental damage.

El Salvador put a ban on metal mining since , which proved how a country for the greater good could stand against corporate greed. More such steps on the part of the government are required from other countries in order to put an end to the corporate exploitation of natural resources.

In India, the issue of pollution has been bothering for a long time but it was only after the regular smog incidents in New Delhi in , that the administration has been able to identify it as a crucial issue.

In India, the recent survey in by the World Health Organization revealed that out of major polluted cities in the world, the top 14 most polluted cities belong in India. Air pollution determined by the presence of PM 2.

Vehicle exhaust, the outdated public transport system that has still not upgraded itself to CNG or clean fuel technology, most industries and factories tanneries and soap factories having zero compliance with emission standards, all such factors contribute to causing of acute air pollution in India.

Post, the health issues increased to exposure to heavy pollution like COPD, lung cancer and lead poisoning, has seen a sharp rise in Indian cities.

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched keeping in mind the growing trend of dumping litters and pollution in major rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada. Eliminating open defecation was the most pressing objective under the mission, as the habit has caused immense polluting tendencies across coastal and riverine areas. Zero access to industrial waste recycling and several sewage systems not having treatment facilities were the primary reasons for heavy pollution in major Indian rivers.

Although there is a separate board of National Water Quality Monitoring Network under the Central Pollution Control Board to oversee water conditions across the major water and river lines, yet on account of rampant tendency to bypass environment standards, often the results are in discrepancy with the ground reality. Crop fires where farmers put unclaimed produce on fire in open, is still a common agriculture practice in India, with almost no solution at sight.

With global temperatures rising steadily at a rate of 1 degree Celsius per year, global warming, a direct consequence of pollution has already caused visible alterations in the world environment. With such key discussion so far, it is only imperative that the youth and current generation especially adapt to the cause of preventing pollution to enable future generations to enjoy the resources of the earth.

Sometimes writing an essay can be a difficult thing. In this section, we have given you some of the best tips to write your essay on pollution. We have tried to make this speech pollution an interactive one. Your audience will focus more if you interact with them. In this speech rather than giving too much of stats, we focused on emotional or inspirational quotient.

We always expect the government to do things, yes, they supposed to do their things. Generally, this feeling, emotion or behavior of people considered negative but if it is used constructively it can help us to clean up existing pollution from India. A few months back we saw a dreadful accident clip on youtube where more than a dozen vehicles crashed into each other on Delhi expressway.

This happened due to unprecedented smog levels. That day visibility on road was less than 10 meters, means vehicle drivers were not able to see more than 10 meters ahead of them. Several people died in this accident. Where this smog came from? Some might not know so let me tell you, SMOG is a combination of fog and smoke. Smoke which gets released by millions of vehicles in Delhi and nearby place mixes with the smoke of burned wheat husks by farmers in Punjab and Haryana; it combined with morning fog.

Generally people say pollution does not affect us directly but in this case, we saw a real, brutal direct effect of pollution. This incident, the death of people is still not enough for the people of India to think, to act against pollution.

Pollution has indirect effects too, air pollution cause respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthma and even lung cancer. Inhaling this polluted air has reduced average human life expectancy in India.

Our parents had a chance to play with their grandparents, but our grandchildren might not have that chance. Earlier people used to get sick due to old age when they used to cross the age of 75 etc.

Nowadays it reduced to 55 years and with present pollution, lifestyle, stress, and depression it will come down to the age of A lot of children nowadays have low eyesight, they need to use specs at a tender age 2 or 3. Same way soil pollution, water pollution brought us several life-threatening diseases. Likewise, within a nation, the rich people hold the poor people responsible for pollution. The fact, however, is that the rich create pollution and the poor have to bear it.

The rich contribute to pollution because they have enough money to enjoy consumption without facing its negative effect because, they can afford to counter the after-effects and also move away from the polluted area.

Environmental pollution is directly linked with consumption level and living pattern. It is, therefore, also linked with the level of economic development and poverty. Pollution is the result of an unmanageable amount of residues and wastes due to the high consumption level, emissions from chimneys of industrial units, smoke from motor vehicles etc.

This is an age of consumerism. Globalization has intensified it.

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The pollution is affecting the human life and environment. The pollution is a slow and sweet poison which is affecting the human living and existence on the earth. It is not so easy to stop the pollution but not so tough to prevent it slowly.

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Speech on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Measures! WHO has defined air pollution as “the presence in air of substances put there by acts of man in concentrations sufficient to interfere with the comfort, safety, or health of man or with the full use or enjoyment of his property.

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In respect of land pollution, it is disposal of solid and toxic munici­pal and industrial wastes. The per capita solid waste generation aver­age in India is to the order of to gms. per day. This waste counts for affliction of respiratory diseases. Short Speech on Environmental Pollution! Environmental pollution or ecological disorder is now a global phenomenon with regional variations in its nature and extent. Now, when there is anxiety and debate on this startling issue, countries are entangled in accusing one another for polluting the environment.

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Jun 13,  · In the case of bigger speech like , words you can take content from the essay part. For younger kids of class 1,2,3,4; you can check this – 10 Lines on Pollution. Tips for Speech on Pollution. Delivering a speech on a stage is a nightmare for many people.4/4(3). Pollution is when something is added to the environment harmful or poisonous to all living things. Polluted water or garbage in the water bodies is a type of other words, pollution means a sudden change in the environment due to emission of pollutants such as carbon monoxide etc. Sewage in drinking water is another type of pollution, containing germs and viruses.