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Jmu honors program thesis writing

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❶Students wishing to change advisors for whatever reason are recommended to consult the Biology Department Honors Liaison person. Successful completion of honors projects in psychology not only fulfills requirements of the Honors Program, it also fulfills the capstone requirement for the Psychology Major.

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CSD Honors Scholars and their published theses

Having a detailed understanding of how biological research is done is becoming increasingly important for making informed decisions about social and political policies as well as for entering into the many biology-related career paths now available. Biology and Biotechnology thesis projects are intended to give Honors-caliber students first hand experience in designing and carrying out biological research on a subject of interest to them.

By working in close relation with one or more experienced faculty members, students are also exposed to the collaborative nature of research activity, which is vital to doing innovative and productive science. All Honors College students are required to do an Honors thesis project.

Non Honors students, including transfer students, who wish to do a Honors thesis project must first meet the requirements for entry into the Honors College, which are a cumulative GPA of 3. Biology and Biotechnology Majors generally do a project with a faculty member in the department of their respective Majors. Biology and Biotechnology Honors projects are currently done through the same set of BIO courses though separate courses for each Major might be established in the future.

Alternatively, Biology and Biotechnology Majors working with faculty outside Biology and Biotechnology can choose to earn honors credits in other departments e. Biology and Biotechnology Majors must also have completed all four Biology core courses BIO , , , prior to starting an Honors project.

These courses are usually taken in spring term of junior year, and fall and spring terms of senior year. However, students, with the permission of their faculty advisor see below , can start the program earlier, in the fall term of junior year, or later, in the summer session between junior and senior years. Students who start an Honors thesis project in their junior year can but are not required to do research during the summer between their junior and senior years.

How they register to do summer research i. Students are discouraged from taking BIO courses as eight-week block courses since it requires double the weekly time commitment see below. At the beginning of their junior year or earlier, students must go the Honors College website to obtain an application form http: Students must identify a faculty adviser before or at the beginning of their junior year.

The best way to do this is to review the webpage listings of Biology and Biotechnology professors and their research projects, find several doing interesting research, and contact them by email to see if they have space in their labs and are willing to support a thesis student. Students who wait until the middle of their junior year to find a faculty advisor might have difficulty finding one whose research interests them and who is willing to take on an unfamiliar student at that time.

Thus, it is important that the student act sooner, rather than later, to contact a professor and initiate research, as the longer one waits, the more difficult it can become. Students wishing to start the Honors project earlier or later than spring term of their junior year must arrange this in advance with their faculty advisor. Once a student has found a faculty advisor, the faculty and student must agree upon and invite two faculty members to serve as committee members.

Faculty advisors and committee members must have a PhD and be permanent faculty members at JMU, though others including Masters-level and term faculty can serve as additional committee members. The faculty advisor must ensure that any non Honors student who requests to do a Honors thesis project has a cumulative GPA of 3. Faculty advisors are advised to request copies of student degree progress reports for verifying the GPA and core course requirements and to ask about student extracurricular activity and work schedules before taking on a student.

Faculty advisors must also decide if and when a student must complete other cognate and biology course requirements to do their particular honors projects. This includes time spent in lab and group meetings. JMU Scholarly Commons is the home for electronic honors theses and projects from to the present. Mave Magazine , Lauren Adams. A Hospitality Themed Event: An Athletic Training Portfolio: Adhocracy , Sara Denney.

A Systematic Review , Meaghan Doherty. Handedness and the Oldowan Tool Industry: Revival on the Stronghold , Katherine Evans. The Mythological Perspective of Modern Media: Fault , Katharine Fritz. Yes, you can post related files alongside publications within Scholarly Commons.

If you have any questions, please consult with your liaison librarian or digital collections Digital Collections lib-digitalcollections jmu. Can the library deposit my work on my behalf? JMU Scholarly Commons publishes journals, magazines, newsletters, conference proceedings, and other publications affiliated with the JMU community.

For more information on publishing journals and newsletters, please contact Digital Collections at lib-digitalcollections jmu. My department hosts an annual conference. For more information on publishing conference proceedings and event management, please contact Digital Collections at lib-digitalcollections jmu.

JMU Scholarly Commons is an institutional repository and open access publishing platform. SelectedWorks is a tool for individuals to highlight and promote personal scholarly activity by providing access to your scholarly output and social media and mailing list tools to distribute your work. With SelectedWorks, you can maintain your site over time, becoming a permanent page for your work and activities.

SelectedWorks, while similar to other personal web sites, is a powerful tool that allows for sharing of your scholarship using a variety of tools and effective reporting of the use of these same items. With SelectedWorks, you and your readers can take advantage of the mailing list, social media sharing, RSS feeds, and other mechanisms to share your work. Additionally, you can create customized reports on the usage of your work, including how many views and downloads, which can be useful in demonstrating the impact of your scholarship.

Do I need to enter it all again to post to my SelectedWorks page? To setup a SelectedWorks page, contact your liaison librarian or Digital Collections lib-digitalcollections jmu. For assistance with your SelectedWorks page, please contact Digital Collections lib-digitalcollections jmu. Yes, JMU Scholarly Commons accepts scholarly articles, publications, posters, presentations, theses, dissertations, and other scholarly work. The Honors Program maintains the current, up-to-date guidelines and procedures on submitting theses and dissertations to JMU Scholarly Commons.

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JMU Honors really helped me feel totally prepared for higher education." - Mary Ta ('13), Honors alum, History and Justice Studies The Honors capstone project is the culminating experience of your Honors academic career.

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Non Honors students, including transfer students, who wish to do a Honors thesis project must first meet the requirements for entry into the Honors College, which are a cumulative GPA of and sufficient evidence of initiative, originality and intellectual maturity to warrant registration in a Honors thesis project.

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Honors Thesis The following are guidelines for conducting Honors Projects in psychology that were adopted by the faculty of the Department of Psychology on October 14, They provide additional guidance to Psychology Majors who are completing an Honors Thesis beyond the guidelines provided by the (see JMU Honors Program). Senior history major Yasmine Vaughan brings to the present in her honors capstone thesis, where she focuses on the women’s side of the fight. She plans to hold a presentation on Saturday in Madison Union from p.m.

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JMU Scholarly Commons is the home for electronic honors theses and projects from to the present. Honors Program. Coordinator: Dr. Lincoln Gray ([email protected]) The Communication Sciences and Disorders Department enjoys a close relationship with the .